Our Guide On the Types of Vehicle Tracking Devices

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Our Guide On the Types of Vehicle Tracking Devices

Vehicle Tracking Devices; a car dashboard with a screen depicting maps

When it comes to the best security features that every car must have, vehicle tracking and location systems are prioritised. 

No matter what type of vehicle you use, a tracking system is one of the key safety components for your car and makes it easy to keep track of your vehicle and other features.

It also serves as protection against keyless theft and is essential for the retrieval of a stolen vehicle. Moreover, they are available in different types for different purposes.

The experts at BSWC Auto Security have put together a short guide on the types of vehicle tracking devices so that you know which one to choose and, more importantly, understand the basics of how they work. 

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Why are Vehicle Tracking Devices Important?

Most modern cars come with basic tracking or GPS provided by the manufacturer. However, with several different companies offering better and more robust solutions like Cobra Trak or ScorpionTrack, you need not settle for something basic.

Since these systems are essential and have several purposes they fulfil, even if you have a classic car, installing this system will definitely be beneficial. In the absence of these reliable systems, many insurers don’t even cover your vehicle, that’s how crucial these are. 

While its purpose may be different for people – from keeping track of your vehicle to ensuring that your kid is driving well – vehicle tracking devices or GPS can help you keep tabs on the location of your car.

Types of Vehicle Tracking Devices

There are primarily two types of tracking systems for vehicles that are available on the market. These include:

Passive GPS Tracking Devices

Vehicle Tracking Devices; maps opened up on a laptop

Passive GPS trackers or GPS loggers gather information on the vehicle’s positioning and location and save it on a hard drive or memory card. This data isn’t directly sent; to access the findings of the vehicle’s location, one needs to go through the stored information.

A common choice for fleet vehicles, this vehicle tracking device records the locations, the drivers’ behaviour, and other important information. All you need to do is place the device inside the vehicle and access the information when required by plugging in the device onto a computer.

Due to these functions, this tracking device is one of the simplest to use and doesn’t have any ongoing fees making them an affordable option.

Active GPS Tracking Devices

maps on a device fitted in the car

The complete opposite to passive tracking systems are active or ‘real-time’ GPS vehicle tracking devices. Instead of storing all the information, these handy devices actively send all the gathered data or information to your computer or phone. With this, you get real-time updates allowing you to keep tabs on the vehicle at all times.

When it comes to installation, the device is usually plugged into a port inside the vehicle. After that, you need to subscribe to a service, after which you’ll get current updates on your vehicle.

The biggest advantage of these vehicle GPS tracking devices is that you know exactly where your vehicle is at a given point in time. With this, staying updated becomes much easier and more efficient. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about device compatibility as all the data is sent to you via the internet.

The system can also be used by the police to recover your vehicle if it’s stolen, making it a better choice for your vehicle.

To Sum Up…

While many people assume that features like a car alarm are enough to keep your vehicle protected, each vehicular security system plays an important role that is different and ensures several other benefits. 

That said, the main role of vehicle tracking systems is for the owner to have constant updates on the vehicle’s location while also keeping track of car speed and driving behaviour. This means that upgrading your tracking and location system to something more advanced will ensure better protection and security for your car.

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