Terms and Conditions

“Could not fault the whole service.”
Michael Dunn, Wolverhampton

Bswc shall provide THE Services and Deliverable(s) requested by the client from the following options; all of which are bound by our “Customer Car and Commitment” to service quality.

The Client Must:

  • Accept that no security measure is a guarantee that the vehicle will not be stolen or damaged. Security devices whether mechanical or electrical are designed to act as a deterrent. Although our advisors will give truthful pros and cons of all systems security is a dynamically evolving trade.   
  • Accept BSWC are not liable for costs associated to fix either determined or pending faults found relating to your vehicle during its diagnostic check either before or after any work carried out.
  • Accept not all features are available on all cars from software alone. Our advisors will do their best to give an accurate representation of what you can expect to see. Sometimes Manufacturers perform updates which will take these features out of play, when this happens additional parts may be required to achieve this. Before any extra parts are fitted, we will explain this and any extra costs. 
  • Ensure that the vehicle is in a fit state to be worked on. This means that all doors and the boot/bonnet must be accessed. In the case of a new install the vehicle must be running with enough fuel, oil and water for at least two hours of idling time. If this is not possible then the client should make the advisor and or technician aware at the earliest opportunity and BSWC reserve the right to postpone the job until such a time that the issue has been rectified. 
  • Accept that deposits are non-refundable. BSWC will allow three rearrangements of the appointment as long as the appointment is rescheduled before 36 hours of the appointment time. Any cancellations in the 36-hour window will invoke the non-return of a deposit. This can be overturned only by the decision of a director of the business and cases will be heard on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Agree that the original vehicle manufacture makes its own determinations regarding the effects of add-on products and or services to its warranties. BSWC shall in no way be held responsible nor liable for anything pertaining to or resulting from the original manufacturers warranty or terms of use.