Do Steering Wheel Locks Actually Work?

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Do Steering Wheel Locks Actually Work?

Steering wheel locks; the interiors of a Mercedes

When it comes to your precious purchase’s security, it is important to add more than just one kind of security system, like steering wheel locks. 

While steering wheel locks prevent car threats significantly, they come with certain conditions that lead to vulnerabilities. 

In today’s blog, the security experts at BSWC Auto Security have shared their experiences when it comes to steering wheel locks, of whether they serve their purpose. 

So without further ado, let’s understand all about them! 

Vehicle Steering Wheel Locks: What are They?

Steering wheel locks; a picture of the wheel and dashboard of a BMW

The name itself explains the functionality of this type of aftermarket security; it is a device that helps ensure the security of a parked vehicle. 

When it comes to its types, there are majorly two aspects – one is the built-in steering wheel lock, and the other is an external device that can be attached to the steering wheel to lock it. 

Built-In Car Steering Wheel Lock

Steering wheel locks; the interiors of a stylish car

This kind of steering wheel lock is preinstalled in your vehicle, and some car owners are unaware of its usefulness. 

To understand its use, you need to activate it. The procedure is quite simple; once you park and remove your key, you will notice that the steering wheel can still turn to some extent. Make a hard turn of this steering wheel in any direction and it will lock up. 

External Lock

a locking device on the steering wheel

If your vehicle does not have a built-in lock, you can choose to have external locks that attach to your steering wheel. They elevate the security of your vehicle to a whole new level and come with the benefit of easy installation. 

If you don’t have any other kind of security system like car alarms or have an older model of a vehicle, this extension can prove to be extremely useful for you. 

We suggest you get external locks installed even if you have a modern car, for that extra layer of protection and security of your luxurious purchase. 

Effectiveness of Steering Wheel Locks 

interiors of an Audi

The reason why we started curating this blog – Do Steering Wheel Locks Actually Work?

It can protect your car to a certain extent, but if the thief is smart (they usually are) and is obsessed with your car, it can easily get stolen. 

Imagine a normal lock and key scenario, where stealing is possible by merely breaking them down. Since that is next to impossible in a steering wheel lock, the thief often picks the locks and steals your belongings. 

Another way your cars can be stolen is by cutting through. Since other locks, usually made of metal, cannot be cut through – a steering wheel lock has a completely different story. They are made from a soft material, making cutting through them an easy task. 

Now, if you’re wondering why to spend on something that is not effective, we’re here to tell you why! 

A steering wheel lock can drastically reduce the probability of your car being stolen. A steering lock delays the theft, giving you or a passerby time to act upon the crime.

Another important benefit of this security system is that many cars are not equipped with steering wheel locks, so why would a thief choose a car that has an extra layer of security? 

If the thief spots a car with a steering wheel lock, they would most likely move on and pick a different target. 

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