Top 4 Benefits of a Remote Start System

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Top 4 Benefits of a Remote Start System

Remote Start System; Lock sensors inside a Car.

The safety and security of your car are of utmost importance and with the progressive dynamics in the modern car industry, you’re bound to keep your vehicles secure

At BSWC Auto Security, we are well-versed with these dynamics and committed to providing this secure environment for you and your car. 

That said, when it comes to security, there are multiple security systems available for all types of vehicles – be it commercial or passenger, we have it all! 

Speaking of security features, it brings us to one of the most important upgrades that you may perhaps be familiar with – a remote start system. It has gained a lot of popularity over time because of the efficiency and reliable security it provides by pairing up with the latest technology. 

However, it has many other benefits to offer and we have listed some of them right here for your assistance. 

Let’s take a look!

1. Brings Safety and Security

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Needless to say, the foremost function of a remote start system is to protect and secure your vehicle. Its function, where you can start the car without key insertion, helps to avoid car theft. 

Along with that, it also safeguards your driving experience during winters when there is ice and snow on the windshield. 

This means, you can simply choose to defrost the ice beforehand and when you start your journey, you won’t be subjected to poor vision and thus, unsafe driving. 

2. Boosts the Resale Value

Naturally, adding customised security features like a remote start system to your vehicle will get noticed when it is on the market for resale. 

Moreover, installing a remote start system is one of the least expensive security modifications that you can choose and yet, it will be considered an asset to your vehicle when you decide to sell it. 

Typically, the new factory model has this system installed as default, but if it doesn’t, there are numerous styles and price ranges within this category for you to choose from.  

3. Good for the Engine 

Remote Start System; A car with opened bonnet showcasing its engine.

One of the finest functions of a remote start system is that it lets you start the engine without actually sitting in the driving seat. This means, you can turn up the engine on cold days before heading somewhere. 

Why is heating the engine so important, you ask? 

Well, while there is hardly any difference in the driving experience when you turn on the cold engine, warming it up before driving can benefit the lifespan of your engine

Imagine how warming up before exercise is good for your body; similarly, warming up engines will give your vehicle a better flow and ensure you don’t have to compromise in your driving experience. 

4. Pre-cools or Pre-warms Your Vehicle 

In a remote start system, one function of starting the vehicle with just a button can be used in many ways for your benefit. One of them is that you can simply pre-warm your vehicle on cold days, probably an hour before you are going to head somewhere. 

To do this, simply turn your warmer on before you leave your vehicle on the previous day. As soon as you start your vehicle, say from your bed on a cold morning, the vehicle will automatically warm your vehicle before you enter it. 

Similarly, for hot summer days, keep the air conditioning on and shut the engine off. Next day, turn on your car beforehand and find yourself a cool and comfortable environment for efficient driving. 

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