Pandora Mini BT

Control from:

  • OEM factory remote.
  • Bluetooth Immobiliser tag
  • Smartphone – Pandora BT app
  • Smart watch IOS or Android
  • Handsfree Arming & Disarming
  • Anti-hijack *Not Thatcham approved
  • Remote start *optional extra
  • Thatcham CAT 1 – TSC234

Designed for the customer who wants ultimate security encryption to protect their vehicle against car theft and key scanning, but still want controlled by your OEM factory key fob and a minimum of 2x i1mmobilisation points on the vehicle. Also includes Pandora BT Bluetooth app for smartphone control and alarm adjustment. The Mini BT system works by detecting Pandora’s Bluetooth ID tags close to the vehicle (distance can be set by the installer but also fine tuned using Smartphone app by the owner up too 1-10m) if the tag is detected close to the vehicle, the alarm will allow the system to be disarmed through your factory fob or through your cars keyless entry system. No need to carry any extra large key fobs and protects your vehicle from the latest threat of key scanning and RollJam.

Pandora Light Pro

Larger OLED screen, rechargeable battery & NEW LoRa long range technology.

Our best selling alarm system just got even better! Now with an all new OLED screen with larger display and icons displaying each alarm notifications clearly. Lock/unlock your vehicle securely from the military grade encrypted 128bit pager remote, which protects you against relay theft. Now also features LoRA technology, giving the remote better control in built up areas where there’s lots of radio interference, giving you a distance of up to a mile range. The original triple AAA batteries have now been replaced with a full built in lithium ion rechargeable battery. Now enjoy weeks of battery power in between charging.

  • 856mhz
  • 1 Mile Range
  • LoRa technology
  • Larger OLED display
  • 128bit military grade encryption
  • Rechargeable Li Lon Battery

Your tag is your driver recognition pass..

All NEW upgrade Bluetooth 5.0 chip, our immobiliser tags are now even more secure, with a longer range. Fully adjustable via the pandora Bluetooth app and featuring Pandora’s military grade 128bit encryption.

Immobiliser tag work on close proximity of the car, allowing you to still securely use your factory OEM remote.

The tag is used as a way of telling your Pandora alarm system you are the authorised user. If the TAG isn’t in close proximity to the vehicle when you press the unlock button, then the Pandora system simply won’t disarm, keeping the engine immobiliser and all the layers of security fully ARMED! However, if the TAG is in close proximity, the system will disarm, completely handsfree.

Tag is also used for other features such as Anti-Hijack and Handsfree Arming/locking. (Vehicle dependent)Please note, by switching Anti-hijack on this will void Thatcham rating of this alarm system

Pandora BT app for IOS & Android devices.

Gives you the user, full control over your system through Bluetooth. Simply download the app on to your Android or IOS device and Connect securely to your Pandora alarm system.

Arm/disarm your alarm system.

View important vehicle perimeter such as engine temperature – Battery voltage – internal cabin temperature & Fuel reading

Control and set up remote engine start. Automatically start your car at set times of the day, or when the outside temperature hits a set amount.
(Optional extra)

Fully control all Tilt – Shock – Movement sensors levers, with easy to use sliders
(not including Additional sensors)

Control and set up tag distance as well as Handsfree arming.

And much more..

What’s inside this NEW box of tricks?

The heart of the alarm system. Now featuring The latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, meaning lots of options to upgrade. The system will now wireless connect to up to 10 wireless devices. Including 5 x Bluetooth battery sensors, 3 x Bluetooth wireless hidden immobilisers. As well as our new Bluetooth siren and OLED Bluetooth remote/tag.

LoRa long range RF frequency. As well as all new power supply, giving this alarm system the best power draw of any alarm system in the world. This Pandora system will draw as little as 8milli amps. And even less when it enters intelligent sleep mode after roughly 24hours. No more returning to your vehicle and a bead battery due to your after market alarm system.

Pandora Smart Pro

Control from..

  • OEM factory remote.
  • Bluetooth Immobiliser tag
  • Smartphone – Pandora online/Pro
  • Smart watch IOS or Android
  • Handsfree Arming & Disarming
  • Anti-hijack *Not Thatcham approved
  • Remote start *optional extra
  • GSM Control
  • GPS & GLONASS Tracking
  • Thatcham CAT 1 – TSC230

Pandora Elite

Introducing! The all NEW Pandora Elite. The worlds best and most advanced car alarm just got even better! With all NEW features which include its own built in backup Battery, which gives the system full power even if the vehicles battery is disconnected. The Pandora Elite will keep you updated real time through its long range OLED pager remote, built in GSM modem which calls, test and also communicates through 4G. Receive important alarm and service notifications straight through the mobile phone network. Just call the system number and enter a command to control or configure your system. All this can be done anywhere in the world using Pandora’s specially designed smartphone app. Available for both iOS & Android.The Pandora Elite now also has a 5.0 Bluetooth modem. This allows for short range control from your smartphone even if your phone doesn’t have phone signal. Pandora Elite car alarm package also includes up to 5 immobilisers points on your vehicle all controlled by you. This includes two hidden wireless Bluetooth immobilisers. These immobiliser can be hidden anywhere in the car killing important electrical circuits stopping the car from starting or moving. With no wires to follow it’s almost impossible to find these hidden immobiliser easily! Please note: Extra fitting charge will be added for all immobilisation points to be fitted to your vehicle. Call/email and ask our support team for more information.