A4615 without cards

New 4600 Series – Wireless Alarms

The 4600 alarm series (except 4693) is Thatcham CAT 2-1 accredited and provides maximum installation flexibility, cutting fitting time by around 30 minutes thanks to wireless communication between the central unit and the siren. A secondary benefit is that the alarm installation doesn’t interfere with the integrity of the vehicle, as no holes are drilled in the vehicle’s bulkhead.

The series is available with or without remote control arming/disarming, and standard features include a built-in immobiliser, passive arming, perimetric protection of the boot, doors and bonnet, built-in ultrasonic and an anti-hijack facility.

The system is designed to be fully compatible with a wide range of CAN bus protocols and can be used
both for CAN and non CAN-based vehicles.

Available in PLIP, CAN or mixed CAN/PLIP versions, with or without remote controls.

A4615 with Cards


Car crime in the UK is at an all time high. It’s a sad fact of life that no car or van is safe. Vehicles help us socialise, they help us make our livings and for some of us they bring a lot of enjoyment and sometimes they can even bring us frustration but its up to us to help protect them.

Not only do thieves break into cars it has never ever been easier for thieves to steal the actual car. Quite often its as easy as using a device what costs less than £50 from amazon. Then the cars are used for further crime and anti social behaviour. But furthermore It’s the hassle which comes from crime. The inconvenience and even the violation that somebody has been rifling through your stuff.

Cobra is the market leader in CAN alarm systems. They offer seamless integration with the factory keyfob. A lot of cars don’t even come with alarms as standard. Even if they do come with one the device which allows thieves to get into the car turns the alarm off!! All you have to do is lock the car and its finally secure.

How it works?

The Cobra comes with a discreet radio card. Although you lock and unlock it with your factory keyfob the alarm looks for the cobra card. If the cobra card isn’t there the vehicle wont start. So if the thief scans your key and gets into the vehicle it’ll stay there. But what makes it secure is when the vehicle unlocks it starts a countdown, if the card isn’t presented the alarm will go off.


  1. Full protection on the Doors, Boot and Bonnet. So if any part of the bodywork is forced open the alarm will go off.
  2. Full smart interior protection. If any windows are broken the alarm will go off. But the system knows when the windows are left open it deactivates the sensors meaning no more false alarms on hot days.
  3. Hard wired immobiliser circuit. Meaning that when the alarm is armed up the vehicle won’t start even with the keys.
  4. Battery Back Up Siren. Even if anyone cuts wires to the siren the alarm will go off.
  5. Bright LED. This bright red and blue LED will act as a deterrent and hopefully stop any criminals in their tracks.
  6. Full factory integration. Everything works seamlessly with the original keyfob.