5 Symptoms That Signal Your Engine Immobiliser Needs A Checkup

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5 Symptoms That Signal Your Engine Immobiliser Needs A Checkup

engine immobiliser problems; a shot of the engine in a car

A car engine immobiliser is an anti-theft system that every vehicle can greatly benefit from.

Not only that, when it comes to the best car safety features and systems, an immobiliser has been a necessary addition to almost all vehicles from the past few decades. This is because a car immobiliser not only adds extra security to your vehicle but also helps save money in the long run.

However, like any other electronic system, an immobiliser is not immune to malfunctioning and may cause problems for you. This means, when your immobiliser starts facing problems, recognising the symptoms firsthand can help you save on additional costs while also ensuring your vehicle is safe at all times.

Now, if you’re looking to understand the symptoms that point to an engine immobiliser problem, we’ve got you covered. 

In today’s blog, we’ve put together a list of signs that point to an engine immobiliser checkup which indicates the possible issues and helps you maintain security for your vehicle.

So without further ado, let’s take a look!

1. Car Unlocking Problems

engine immobiliser problems; door lock on the car

Many modern-day vehicles don’t necessarily have keyholes on the outside of the car. In such cases, one has to completely rely on the fob to get in.

Now, in case you’re facing engine immobiliser problems, your car won’t unlock with the fob. This means that if you lock the car doors from the inside and then close them, you won’t be able to get back in, especially if you’re facing unlocking problems.

The only way you’ll get the access back will be after you call a locksmith to open it for you.

2. Car Locking Problems

a person holding a car key in their hand

Similar to the previous point, facing issues with locking your car is yet another sign of engine immobiliser problems. However, the difference here is that instead of your car being unable to unlock, you won’t be able to lock it.

What’s more, without a key fob to keep your car safe, the only way you’ll be able to lock the doors is if you lock them from inside. However, with so many criminals adopting sophisticated methods for vehicle theft, ensuring you’re covered on all ends will always work out in your favour. 

In case you’re facing this issue, a professional car security system provider like BSWC Auto Security can help you replace your immobiliser in no time! 

To find out more about this service, give us a call right away.

3. Engine Not Starting

engine immobiliser problems; the start/stop button of an engine

One of the most common engine immobiliser problems is the refusal of letting your car’s engine to start. 

While the immobiliser is technically added to your vehicle to keep it safe from anyone trying to break in, it sometimes tends to prevent your engine from starting. However, if you’re facing car locking or unlocking issues with it, there’s a high chance that your engine immobiliser needs to be looked at. 

Another reason why your engine may not start can also be due to a faulty key fob. 

This means that you need to keep in mind to look for any signs that hint at engine immobiliser problems beforehand to ensure your vehicle is safe while also reducing long-term costs.

4. Key In Ignition Does Not Work

engine immobiliser problems; steering wheel of a vehicle

Many key fobs come with a physical key that can be used to start the vehicle. If you try to start your vehicle by putting the key in the ignition and it doesn’t budge, there’s a high chance that your immobiliser is facing some problems.

The reason behind this is that the fob isn’t sending the right code to the immobiliser after which it usually starts. This usually happens due to external reasons like water damage or physical breakage of the chip due to damage to the fob from falling.

If this happens to your vehicle, it can usually be handled by ordering a replacement key fob from the manufacturer you got your immobiliser installed from. 

However, in case it comes attached to the vehicle, you’ll have to get in touch with the car manufacturer or replace the security system entirely.

5. Car Alarm Issues

headlights of a car

Another car immobiliser problem that hints at a checkup is when one faces car alarm issues. Since the immobiliser itself is the main security feature of your vehicle, there’s a chance that it can affect other features like your car alarm system.

With immobiliser problems, a factory car alarm system will keep going off thereby creating various other problems for you. With this, you’re also likely to face a time crunch to get your vehicle checked as soon as possible.

This means, it’s essential that you constantly keep an eye on your immobiliser and get the issues fixed before it causes severe problems to your vehicle.

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