6 Car Theft Myths and Reality

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6 Car Theft Myths and Reality

Common Car Theft Myths; side shot of a cars headlights

For the past few years, we’ve been naively believing that car theft has been on a constant decline and we’ll perhaps never fall victim to it.

Sure, unless you’ve dealt with the effects of a car break-in you won’t think of facing a car theft. However, the most concerning fact is you not taking proper measures beforehand to prevent a theft because of your belief that it happens only in urban areas.

Unfortunately, the occurrence of auto theft is not only common but also hard to keep under control. This is especially because of the increasing number of keyless thefts that are hard to identify.

In fact, there are several common car theft myths that people deem to be true and based on those, they hardly take any actions.

Although, it’s important that you be aware of the different risks involved with your vehicle and install the necessary car security systems like immobilisers and alarms to keep it safe.

At BSWC Auto Security, our vehicle experts have put together a list of six myths and realities of vehicle theft to encourage you to take the right measures.

Let’s take a look!

Myth #1 – Usually Luxury or New Vehicles Are More Vulnerable to Car Theft

Common Car Theft Myths; the steering wheel of a Mercedes

Even though new or luxury vehicles are considered to be the perfect target for car thieves, that’s not always the case.

In fact, vintage or classic cars are equally (or even more) vulnerable to auto theft as they lack the required car security systems when compared to modern counterparts. Not only that, midrange car models too are open to theft because they’re not only abundant on the streets but also have the potential to be sold for different parts.

That said, the next time someone tells you that car thieves are only on the lookout for new vehicles, do let them know it’s nothing but one of the most common car theft myths.

Myth #2 – DIY Car Alarms Can Easily Prevent Auto Theft

Common Car Theft Myths; the front view of a white Honda

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

When it comes to car alarms or any security device for that matter, it’s best to get them installed from a professional company like BSWC Auto Security.

The primary reason being, botched installation will only cause more harm to your vehicle when compared to no security systems within the car – you may in fact hamper other systems too!

Speaking of car alarms, not only should you NOT install it on your own but also ensure that you aren’t settling for an inexpensive option to save some money. Rather, it’s best to spend a few more bucks on a robust car alarm system as it’ll go a long way!

Get in touch with our car security experts and install a car alarm in your vehicle today!

Myth #3 – It’s Impossible to Keep Your Vehicle from Being Stolen

An white car with headlights on in a garage

Again one of the most common car theft myths, don’t believe anyone who says you can’t stop your car from being stolen.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a brand new car or a classic best-selling model, there are various precautionary steps you can take to protect your vehicle rather than simply crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.

Add to that, since most of the car thieves look for vehicles with minimal risks involved, getting caught due to a blaring car alarm or location tracking system is the last thing they’d want. This means, if they come across even a small hint of extended security measures, they won’t target your car.

Myth #4 – Car Locks In New Vehicles Can’t Be Picked

Common Car Theft Myths; a stylish car in front of a neon-lit store

Although the advancement of car locks has more or less removed Slim Jims from the picture, it doesn’t mean the newer versions cannot be picked. 

Ask anyone from the thriving locksmith industry and they’ll tell you all about the various tools they use just like car thieves. However, these tools won’t work in the case of keyless entry. It’ll mean they’ll either have to order a new key fob or resort to the old broken window approach.

This is exactly why it’s important not to believe in common car theft myths and invest in robust car security systems from companies like BSWC Auto Security.

Myth #5 – Parking Your Car In a Back Alley Means Asking for Theft

A car parked on the corner of the street covered by snow

While back alleys and other stereotypically “threatening” areas may seem like a spot that makes your car more vulnerable to being stolen, it’s not really the recipe for auto theft.

In fact, nearly one third of car thefts take place at home whereas one fifth of it happens in parking lots. This means the spot where your vehicle is parked doesn’t have much to do with it being stolen than the type of vehicle you actually own (read Myth #1 again!).

Myth #6 – Auto Theft Happens Only in Urban Cities

A stylish black car with skyscrapers in the background

Yes, it’s true that auto theft usually takes place in urban areas that are highly populated, as they offer an easy escape to criminals – thanks to the huge number of similar cars used by many people and heavy traffic.

However, auto theft can happen in a quiet neighbourhood too; this has in fact become more prevalent due to the increase in keyless cars.

Another reason why car thefts can take place in quiet locations is because it allows car thieves to break into your vehicle from outside your home, in less than a minute. Due to this, it’s important that you keep your keys either in metal cabinets or signal-blocking pouches.

Besides, make sure you aren’t keeping your car keys near the front door as that’s an easy way for them to get hold of it through your letterbox.

Install Car Security Systems from BSWC Auto Security and Steer Clear of Common Car Theft Myths

At BSWC Auto Security, we believe that when it comes to protecting your car, you need to always choose the best.

That’s why, we offer security systems like car alarms, immobilisers, and more from the best brands such as Clifford, Sigma, Pandora and more. We also provide professional installation services and ensure all the systems are fixed properly.

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