3 Tips To Keep Your Commercial Vehicle Safe

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3 Tips To Keep Your Commercial Vehicle Safe

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If your business depends on the commercial vehicle you own, you need to ensure that you keep it safe and well protected so you can continue to benefit from it. 

Your commercial vehicle or van is a highly versatile tool that serves as a storage space, mobile workspace, a canteen for when you need to have a quick bite, and of course, to get you from Point A to Point B. 

Since your wheels are your primary means of living, you need to equip yourself with safety tips for commercial vehicles to keep your van secure and safe from any potential damage or theft

If your commercial vehicle is damaged or stolen, it will directly impact your work where you may end up taking as much as two weeks off. This is especially true if you have just one commercial vehicle. If you have a fleet, the damage will still have an effect on your business operations but at least you can recover from it somewhat quickly.

At BSWC Auto Security, we’ve put together 3 safety tips to keep your commercial vehicles safe and well protected.

Let’s take a look!

1. Keep Your Wares and Tools Safe

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While this may sound a tad excessive, it is the best way to protect your tools and wares in case your vehicle is stolen. If you have to store things overnight in your van, we highly recommend investing in a specially designed theft-proof toolbox. Additionally, you can also look into installing robust locks and plates from car security experts at BSWC as an added measure of car safety. 

If you carry around external equipment like ladders, you will be unable to take them out every day and secure them elsewhere. It’d be best to invest in a secure padlock to keep your valuables safe from burglars. 

2. Think About Commercial Vehicle Parking

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Perhaps the easiest and one of the best safety tips for commercial vehicle security is to park carefully. This way, you automatically ensure car safety. Thieves are opportunistic, which means they usually steal vehicles that are easy and vulnerable to break into. 

If you’re someone who often forgets to lock the car doors or park in shady areas, unintentionally displaying everything that you have on display, then you need to fix this immediately. 

At BSWC, we have an array of car security products and tools like alarm systems, immobilisers, robust locks and plates and more, that keep your commercial vehicle safe, irrespective of where it is parked. 

As a rule of thumb though, ensure that you park your wheels in a brightly lit area, preferably with a reliable CCTV. As mentioned above, take a few extra measures to ensure your van is safe and well protected. 

3.  Install Visible Add-On Security Measures in Your Van

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If your commercial van lacks visible and evident security features, your vehicle becomes an easy target for thieves. While you may be unable to prevent hi-tech, pre-planned crimes, it doesn’t mean you cannot go the extra mile to ensure your vehicle is as secure as possible. 

Spruce up your commercial ride with top of the line car security features like robust car alarm systems, engine immobilisers, location tracking systems and more. Create a small commercial vehicle safety checklist to see if you’ve covered all the basics (and more) to keep your vehicle safe from prying eyes. 

Installing an up-to-date car alarm system from BSWC is the most crucial and basic measure you can take for the safety of your commercial vehicle. 

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