Top 6 Tips To Prevent Car Theft With Zero Expenses

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Top 6 Tips To Prevent Car Theft With Zero Expenses

car theft; a suspicious person facing 3 cars

Car theft is a major concern in most cities and towns today. With the increasing car theft cases, almost everyone has been looking for ways to protect their vehicles.

Back in the day, all car thieves did was check if someone had left their doors open by mistake and try to steal the car by hot-wiring it. However, today, with the advancements in technology, car thieves have a number of ways to unlock your car and steal it. 

Although most cars have insurance, taking the right steps to prevent car theft is way better than the hassle that comes with insurance claims. 

Normally we would suggest some brilliant and inexpensive car theft prevention devices in order to be extra careful. However, in this blog, we’ve given you a few tips to protect your car from theft without spending a penny. 

Lock Your Vehicle

car lock; the key slot of a car trunk

This is a no-brainer, but absolutely essential.

In many cases, simply forgetting to lock one’s vehicle has led to car theft. Nevertheless, you also need to ensure that you lock your vehicle while filling up the petrol or warming up the engine. 

In fact, leaving your vehicle unattended while you warm up the engine is illegal,  and if your vehicle is stolen in this way, your insurance claim won’t go through. Therefore, always lock your vehicle. 

Protect Your Car Keys

car keys on the back seat

When you’re driving a car with keys, it is absolutely essential to keep your keys safe.

With the development in technology, it has become difficult to execute car thefts. However, it is not difficult for thieves to clone your keys, even if they have access to them for just a minute.

Most thieves will try to steal your car keys if they’re kept close to the window or the front door. Hence, you need to keep them hidden in a secure location.

Park Responsibly

prevent car theft; cars in a garage

It’s always better to park slightly far away at a more secure location than close to your place at a dangerous one. This is applicable everywhere you go.

If you drive to a place regularly, you can take a step forward and try to rent a safe parking space for yourself. It’s much more feasible, reliable, and efficient in preventing car theft than parking in a new space every day. 

Keep an Eye Out for Illegal Tow Trucks

illegal tow trucks; a shady truck tows a car

Believe it or not, car theft is also executed using tow trucks. These illegal tow trucks literally lift your car from the street and steal it away from you. Keep an eye out for such suspicious trucks and report them immediately. 

Another way to protect yourself from this kind of car theft is to park your vehicle at a height-restricted parking spot.

Prevent Keyless Car Theft

keyless car theft; a man trying to steal a car

Keyless car theft is limited to specific types of cars. These cars unlock and start the ignition automatically when the key comes close to the car. These keys work with a wireless signal that thieves can capture to unlock cars using a car theft device. 

In order to prevent such keyless car thefts, you need to ensure that the keys are away from the car at all times and preferably in a signal-blocking bag. You must also make sure that the signals on the keys are turned off when the key is not in use.

Secure Your Diagnostic Ports

car theft prevention; the diagnostic port of a car

Some cars have diagnostic ports or OBD ports that are installed to allow the diagnosis of various problems in your car. However, these ports can sometimes be used to unlock and start your car. 

Make sure you check for such ports in your car when you buy it, or if you haven’t done it yet, do it right now. If you find an OBD port on your car, install a cover that locks the port and prevents car theft. 

BSWC Auto Security – Your Ultimate Protection From Car Thefts

While these car theft prevention tips are highly effective, it is always a good idea to make use of the developing technology and install car security devices in your vehicle. 

Installing car security solutions in your vehicle is actually much more feasible and affordable than the loss of car theft.

With years of experience in providing car security solutions to our customers, we can provide you with maximum car safety and protection. Explore our range of vehicular safety products for passenger and commercial vehicles and place your order.For further enquiries, get in touch with us today.