The Importance of Robust Car Security in 2021

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The Importance of Robust Car Security in 2021

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Your vehicle is one of the most important assets you own. 

Whether you have a small, modest vehicle that you’ve owned for some time or a brand new luxury model, you’ll want to keep it safe and sound. Your vehicle is more than just a convenience, which is what explains your need to maintain it well and keep it up and running. 

However, you cannot always ensure that your car remains safe from theft and other acts of vandalism. Car burglaries and vandalism happen more often than we realise which makes car security all the more important.

While there are evergreen foolproof ways to ensure your car remains safe, the advent of technology means you need robust and creative measures to up your car security game in 2021. 

At BSWC Auto Security, we have highlighted the importance of car security in 2021 with helpful tips that’ll ensure your ride remains safe from theft.

Why is Car Security Critical?

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You rely on your vehicle to run errands and travel to places. It is therefore important to enhance your car security with the help of nifty car safety systems, not to mention robust solutions. Sure you have insurance in place for instances just like this, but it doesn’t stop it from being a massive ordeal to get your car fixed or replaced. 

The bottom line – no one should have to suffer through this experience and at BSWC Auto Security, we’re here to help. We have the best car security solutions to ensure 360° security of your vehicle, in no time. 

Our automobile experts are also equipped with the right tools to prevent car theft and other damage to your ride. 

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How to Improve Your Car Security in 2021?

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Nowadays, most cars come equipped with a basic car alarm system and anti-theft features. The problem is, these basic systems are not sufficient to provide an all-round security to your vehicle. 

To beef up your car’s security, it’s important to add a car tracker and an engine immobiliser along with other types of car security systems. With these added car protection features, your vehicle will remain safe from instances of burglary. 

With the car safety experts at BSWC Auto Security, your peace of mind is assured as you no longer have to lose sleep over your car’s security. 

We have a range of car security systems available with the latest technology to help track it down and keep it safe, in case someone attempts to steal it. 

Types of Car Security Systems to Keep Your Vehicle Safe

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Car Alarms

As mentioned above, most cars come with a basic car alarm system installed. What you need though is a top of the line alarm system to alert you in case your wheels are being stolen. At BSWC Auto Security, we house some of the best car alarm systems available on the market today. 

Our range of car security accessories are easy to use as they can emanate a loud siren if someone tries to break into your vehicle. While car alarms are effective, they aren’t enough to deter determined vandals and thieves. This is why you cannot rely on a car alarm system alone to keep your vehicle safe. 

Car Trackers

This is another excellent solution you can use to fortify your car security. You can choose between OBD and GPS trackers for precise location tracking. Make the most of these car tracking systems to alert yourself and the authorities regarding your vehicle’s whereabouts, meaning recovering your car will become much easier. 

It is important to install state of the art OBD trackers in your vehicle as these cannot be disabled easily. Should a thief attempt to disable your device, you will be alerted immediately. 

Car Engine Immobiliser

Installing an immobilising anti-theft device in your car is perhaps the best option to keep your car safe. If someone manages to break in, they will need to start the car to drive it away. In most cases, they proceed to hotwire the car as they probably do not have the key. 

Here, an immobilising device will keep your car from starting. This often works in harmony with the tracking system of your car but that’s not always the case. 

These work excellently to provide round the clock security to your car. 

For best results, pair it up with other car security solutions mentioned above. 

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At BSWC, we offer a number of convenient and reliable solutions to keep your vehicle safe and secure. We offer professional advice and recommendations on the best car security solutions that’ll work for you. 

With the extensive range of car safety products and accessories we offer, you can limit the risks that can potentially harm your vehicle.To find out more about how we can help, give us a call today!