4 Trends Likely to Revolutionise the Automotive Industry in 2022

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4 Trends Likely to Revolutionise the Automotive Industry in 2022

automotive trends 2022; a stylish matte blue sports car

Technological change and development are rapidly progressing with many new introductions in the automotive industry.

While many big companies like Tesla are making a splash with self-driving cars and many unique features, there are a lot more exciting things car enthusiasts can look forward to. 

With so many exciting projects under development, one can expect certain trends to transform the automotive industry.

Several features and areas such as security systems are essential elements that will provide new possibilities in terms of development.

At BSWC Auto Security, our experts have put together a list of automotive trends 2022 that we can all look forward to.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Self-Driving Vehicles

automotive trends 2022; the wheel and dashboard of a car

Self-driving or autonomous vehicles are well on their way to becoming a stronger reality in the near future. 

With several predictions that self-driving vehicles will save lives by cutting down the number of accidents that occur, this concept is without a doubt one of the bigger automotive trends in 2022. 

Additionally, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, providing mobility for those with impairments and saving greatly on time, are the other few benefits that will make this trend beneficial for all.

2. High-Strength Steels

automotive trends 2022; an aesthetic shot of a stylish black and white car

High-strength steels for the different components of a vehicle is another prominent part of automotive trends 2022. 

Hard steel has various features compared to standard steel that makes it better suited for a vehicle.

From being lightweight and reducing wear and tear to better maintenance, the use of harder steels can be implemented across many vehicles to increase comfort and efficiency.

While they may be harder to grind and cut, with the help of specialised adhesives it can be easily achieved with a great result.

3. Artificial Intelligence

automotive trends 2022; a car with a navigation system

With the various applications of artificial intelligence, this feature is used regularly in the car building process, including the production and design of the vehicle. 

In manufacturing, the use of AI is limited to the more technical and organisational tasks of the vehicle.

However, with the developments in the ways AI can be used, it no longer needs to limit itself to the manufacturing process and end there. From monitoring the driver’s skills and risk assessment to quality control and forecasting, there are many functions that can be enhanced with the use of AI.

Moreover, the use of AI to analyse the driver’s behaviour patterns to investigate different safety measures that can be put in place to keep protected at all times is one of the best features that can be introduced.

4. Entertainment Features

a person opening Spotify on the phone while sitting in the driver's seat

While in-car entertainment features aren’t something entirely groundbreaking, they can definitely be something to look out for in automotive trends 2022. 

By providing a unique experience with diverse media features, there’ll be a definite change in every car owner’s driving experience.

Custom music systems, augmented displays, and multiplayer entertainment are only a few of the new features that can be a part of the vehicle’s entertainment system. There’s so much more that could be added to this.

These innovations, like the other comfort and security features, not only enhance the vehicle but also make the overall driving experience more comfortable. 

When paired with other features including AI, every vehicle’s potential can greatly increase.

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Most of these incredible automotive trends in 2022 will revolutionise the automotive industry. Till then, doing your part to keep your vehicle protected through car security systems can enhance the security of your vehicle.

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