4 Essential After-Purchase Car Upgrades You Need For A Smooth Ride

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4 Essential After-Purchase Car Upgrades You Need For A Smooth Ride

After-Purchase Car Upgrade; A modern white car.

When it comes to cars, a great benefit is that no matter what shape they’re in when you buy them, you can always install mods to change their look and overall performance anytime you want. 

BSWC Auto Security works on the same paradigm, where we think, out of many after-market car upgrades, the important ones are those that secure your car. This brings us to make an array of security solutions available for you to choose from. 

On that note, in today’s blog, we have curated a list of essential car upgrades for you. 

So, Without further ado, let’s take a look! 

1. Performance Tyres

After-Purchase Car Upgrade; A performance tyre.

While choosing the right after-purchase car upgrades, a smart choice is to upgrade your tyres. They are an excellent choice to upgrade because tyres can improve almost all aspects of your car’s performance, especially acceleration and braking. 

A good set of tyres can also improve your comfort while riding while protecting you on the road by providing enough fiction and traction.

That said, you can also go all out by investing in two sets of tyres – one for summer and another for winter. They are made with different combinations of optimised compounds to give excellent performance in all temperatures. If you’re on a budget, then all-season tyres should be your next best choice

2. Tracking and Location Systems 

After-Purchase Car Upgrade; A small GPS tracking screen in an interior of a car.

A quality GPS is also one of the most important after-market car upgrades for the safety of your vehicle. It has many benefits, for instance, installing a tracking and location system can help you in emergencies and the SOS feature can contact your emergency contact even if you are stranded somewhere in the middle of a desert. 

Another benefit that comes with installing a GPS tracker is that it increases the market value of your car during resale. 

Moreover, if you have new teen drivers at home, you should choose to install a tracking and location system in your car to keep track of them.  

3. Car Remapping 

A fast-moving car through a tunnel.

Sure, your new car has advanced performance, but almost every time, the factory setting of any vehicle is set to a level lower than its actual potential. 

It is a technical procedure, requiring extreme precision for promising results. After remapping, the results are immediately apparent, so much so that you will feel the difference the moment you ignite your engine. 

4. Quality Shocks and Springs

A modern white car parked in the open.

Quality shock absorbers in your car ensure that you don’t bounce or jump over every speed breaker or bump on the road. Therefore, you should consider installing after-market quality shocks for a smoother, more comfortable driving experience.  

With this, shock absorbers also play an important role in controlling the springs’ up-down motion. Additional absorbers, therefore, will add more stability to your car when driving on rough paths. 

Now, as for the springs, you should also consider buying them as an investment, for they can play an essential role in your safety when it comes to speeding. Stiff or soft springs, you should install the ones that suit your driving style. 

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Be it commercial or passenger vehicles, BSWC has something to offer for every kind of automobile out there. We have immobilisers, car alarms, remote starters and every other essential after-market security accessory that you can name. 

We consider vehicle security in high regard; it only secures you from possible threats and danger to your life but also saves you money. A modified car with additional security systems has a better market value, and while insuring, security systems lower your premium, saving you a lot of money in the long run

Lastly, the primary benefit of car upgrades is having a better driving experience, so make sure you have fun. 

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